Getting Started

If you integrate Reevoo’s JavaScript library on your website, the library will drop a few cookies (listed below) in the client’s browser. Those cookies are required for full functionality of Reevoo components, but it is possible to disable their usage. Reevoo’s JavaScript library supports Optanon cookie integration which enables you or users to control which cookie is dropped in the browser. Another option is to control cookie via script tag HTML attributes. See examples below.



We are not storing any Personal Information Identifiers (PII) when tracking user activities. Disabling tracking cookies will put some limitations for our Analytics product, which is available via myReevoo client portal.

List of cookies and its functionality

reevoo_stored_votes1 hourEnable review helpfulness votingfunctional
reevoo_tmpNot Persisted (removed after execution)Detects the target domain, checks the SameSite supportfunctional
reevoo_sp_id2 yearsTracking cookie which persists information about a user’s activity on the domain between sessions. It contains the following information:

• An ID for the user based on a hash of various browser attributes
• How many times the user has visited the domain
• The timestamp of the user’s first visit
• The timestamp of the current visit
• The timestamp of the last visit
• The ID of the current session
reevoo_sp_ses30 minTracking cookie. Its only purpose is to differentiate between different visits.performance