Reevoo Experiences helps brands solve brand perception, customer acquisition and loyalty problems through authentic user-generated content. This content can influence consumers and drive them onwards on their purchase journey. It can range from photos and stories about road trips from car owners to destination tips from cottages owners to DIY tips from power drill owners, etc. For more information see https://www.reevoo.com/experiences.

We provide two types of widgets to display collected content on your page.

  • Experiences Teaser: box that you can embed in your website and contains a sample of hand-picked content. When clicked, the teaser will open an overlay listing of all the cards which meet the teaser filter configuration.
  • Experiences Embedded: Widget that displays a container with a mosaic of all the cards that meet the widget filter configuration, directly embedded in your page. The widget includes pagination so users can browse through the full content.

This guide will help you to implement these widgets in your site.