Reevoo uses JavaScript to provide access to our ratings and reviews solution. We have strived to keep this as clean and simple as possible to implement and use.


The code below imports our library, with client specific configurations. Please place it to the page header, and only include it once per page.


Please note that TRKREF should be replaced with the account code provided to you by Reevoo.

Supported Browsers

We use Browserslist to support a wide range of browsers. We currently support the following set of browsers.

last 5 Chrome versions
last 2 ChromeAndroid versions
last 5 Firefox versions
last 2 FirefoxAndroid versions
last 2 Safari versions
last 2 iOS versions
last 2 Opera versions
last 2 OperaMini versions
last 2 OperaMobile versions
last 2 Samsung versions
last 2 Edge versions
not ie <= 11
not ie_mob <= 11
not dead


There are two main options for displaying User Generated Content (UGC).

  1. Reevoo Badges - interactive badges, usually showing the aggregated information. Can be configured, for example, to open a lightbox (modal window) with detailed UGC or product page when clicked on.
  2. Reevoo Embeddable - Detailed content about product and brand reviews or questions and answers related to products and services embedded directly into the page.


Documentation Conventions

Please note, that all examples use capitalised words such as TRKREF / SKU / MANUFACTURER / MODEL etc. to indicate placeholders you should replace with your own specific values.

In the following sections we will explain how you can implement a number of different badges, add your own actions to your badges clicks and get the best out of our JavaScript library. We also explain how you can embed your review content into your pages.