Purchase Event (Deprecated)


This documentation covers our pre August 2020 implementation. We strongly recommend upgrading to our latest JavaScript implementation to take advantage of performance improvements and additional features. Our migration guide can be found here.

The purchase events should be implemented by retailers that have an online checkout in their websites. The event is meant to be triggered once a customer has completed a purchase.

This event is important to calculate the conversion uplift, which is a measure of Reevoo’s impact in the retailer’s bottom line by analysing how many customers end up buying a product after having first read the product reviews; and how many buy the product without having read the reviews.


Remember - This tracking is not covered by our standard Reevoo widgets. You would need to trigger the tracking events manually by implementing the javascript snippets shown below.

To make sure the event is triggered, put the following javascript snippet in your “order confirmation” page, making sure to replace TRKREF by the trkref value assigned to you by Reevoo. Also make sure to replace the basket value and the list of skus by the appropriate values. So if the user has bought three products with skus 1, 2, and 3, you would use skus: [‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’] instead of skus: [‘SKU1’, ‘SKU2’]

Note: Also make sure the page include in your page the Reevoo Javascript library.

  if (typeof window.afterReevooMarkLoaded === 'undefined') { 
    window.afterReevooMarkLoaded = []; 
  afterReevooMarkLoaded.push(function() { 
        skus: ['SKU1', 'SKU2'], 
        basketValue: '123 GBP'