Overview (Deprecated)


This documentation covers our pre August 2020 implementation. We strongly recommend upgrading to our latest JavaScript implementation to take advantage of performance improvements and additional features. Our migration guide can be found here.

Reevoo uses JavaScript to provide access to our ratings and review solutions within your websites. We have strived to keep this as clean and simple as possible to implement and use.

Please note that all of these examples use capitalized words such as TRKREF or SKU to indicate values you should provide.

Simple example

The most common use case for our library is to display rating & reviews for a given product.

For this example you need to replace TRKREF with the account code provided to you, and SKU with a product unique identifier.



In the following sections we will explain how you can implement a number of different badges, add your own actions to your badges clicks and get the best out of our JavaScript library.

JavaScript Library (Deprecated)
Product Badges (Deprecated)
Customer Experience Badges (Deprecated)
Conversations Badges (Deprecated)
Embedded Product Reviews (Deprecated)
Embedded Customer Experiences (Deprecated)
Embedded Conversations (Deprecated)
Embedded Tabbed Reviews (Deprecated)
Google Rich Snippets (Deprecated)
Custom Tracking (Deprecated)
Custom Tracking - Reviews Product Badges (Deprecated)
Custom Tracking - Conversations Product Badges (Deprecated)
Custom Tracking - Customer Experience Badges (Deprecated)
Custom Tracking - Purchase Event (Deprecated)
Custom Tracking - Propensity To Buy Event (Deprecated)
Custom Tracking - Embedded Product Reviews (Deprecated)
Custom Tracking - Embedded Customer Experience Reviews (Deprecated)