Questionnaire URL

This endpoint allows for retrieving a questionnaire url along with information about its state.
The endpoint can also immediately redirect to the url, if "redirect" param is passed (more description on that in the "redirect" param description above).


Passing order_ref param is highly recommended!

This endpoint expects one of three params to be present (as specified above) but to get the questionnaire url for an expected product, you must always pass the order_ref that guarantees that the url will point to the right questionnaire.
Passing only email might cause generating a questionnaire url for a wrong product, if the customer made many orders.
Passing only customer_ref might cause the same as passing email only - generating a questionnaire url that will point to the wrong product.

If you are sure, that your purchaser has only one order in our system, you can safely use customer_ref or email without order_ref.

State can be one of these values:

  • not_reviewed - when a purchaser has not left a review yet
  • pending_moderation - purchaser left a review and the review waits for moderation
  • pending_publication - a review has been moderated but waits for importing to the main system
  • published - a review has been successfully published and can be read online
  • rejected - a review has been rejected by the moderation system or team (for breaching terms of posting)

Url varies depending on the state:

  • If the state is not_reviewed: the url will point to the review questionnaire form.
  • If the state is pending_moderation or pending_publication: the url will point to the "Thank you" page which is visible only after leaving a review.
  • If the state is published: the url will point to the reviews page of given product and will highlight the purchaser's review
  • If the state is rejected: the url will point to a questionnaire that was already filled in by a purchaser; the purchaser has one chance to edit their answers and once again submit for moderation.
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